Hi, my name is Maryna

I make chocolate simply because I love making chocolate. My passion is expressed in what I create!

All my chocolate offerings are shiny, bright and visually stunning. All have a unique and original taste. Rich and full of flavour!!! I aim for chocolate perfection in all my creations. Utterly indulgent in all senses.

I specialise in handmade art-inspired chocolates with exciting flavours, all made with Callebaut&Cocoa Berry Belgian chocolate using only the finest high-quality ingredients.

I do not use artificial flavourings or artificial preservatives so some of my creations will have a shorter shelf life.

I use only top quality organic and Fairtrade ingredients to ensure guilt free indulgence as well as the best possible flavours and tastes. I can also fully cater for all dietary needs – including keto, gluten free and vegan. For vegan orders, I use exclusively organic plant-based ingredients with colouring made from vegetable and fruit powders.

My ambition is to keep creating adventurous, delicious and exciting chocolates that look just as beautiful as they taste. Rich in colour and bursting with flavour.

My chocolatier certificates show my formal qualification attesting to my knowledge and the skills mastered by professional training. I also have the necessary food hygiene certificates. I have 5 rating from 5.  While these provide a foundation, I hope that my website, showcasing my chocolates, communicates my true calling and so inspires you to taste my passion – art, beauty and flavour – perfect indulgence – in every chocolate I make for you!

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